What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is the fastest growing outdoor activity on the planet.
WHY? Because Geocaching:
  • - is a worldwide treasure hunt using your smart phone or GPS instead of a paper map, along with a basic description or clues (some of them are very deviously camouflaged though).


  • - is a great way to get outdoors and back into nature to do some exploring.


  • - is a fun way to get some exercise, incorporating your choice of physical activity, whether it be a country drive or a leisurely walk to a serious hike, cycling or road trip, swimming or kayaking, abseiling or tree climbing.


  • - enables you to meet new friends whether in your own area or from further afield, even from interstate and overseas.


  • - allows you to learn a bit about the area you are in and find the scenic spots that only the locals know about, even in your own neighbourhood.


  • - can be enjoyed by all ages, young and old, singles or groups, but be warned, it can be highly addictive.


  • - allows you to share your geocaching stories and photos online.


  • - is free outdoor fun for everyone.
How do I get started ?



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