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Introducing members of West Oz Geocaching 2017/2018 Committee

Cravo10, Barnzy12, Parkacruz, WebblyWA, Chwiliwr, M4YB, Megawat, CirrusWA,

Cravo10 - President


Hi there I’m John or Cravo10.

No real storey behind my caching name outside of a nickname from high school.

My sister got me into caching however lived over east and as it’s always more fun with someone I convinced a mate to join in and he has since never looked back and is just as addicted as me. 

What I love most is the places you see, The ones that are generally not on the tourist map and or down the marked/sign posted roads. 

The real adventure of getting the locals top tips of where to visit in the many towns across this great state keeps me looking for more.  

I have also enjoyed travelling through some overseas destinations with no real plans other than to go to the places Geocaching takes me. 

Happy hunting and I’m sure I will meet you at a Geocache soon. 


Barnzy12 - Secretary


Barnzy12 is Steve and occasionally my muggle wife Liza.

I was first introduced to geocaching in 2012 by Cravo10 and was instantly hooked. Since my first find in February 2012, I’ve found over 10,000 caches, travelled the entire state of Western Australia and even cached whilst on holiday overseas.

What I love most about the game is caching in the country towns of Western Australia and seeing places that locals choose to share with you that aren’t on the tourist map.

I attended my first mega event in Alexandra, Victoria in November 2017, and have attended our WA big events in 2015, 2016 and 2017. I’m an unashamed numbers and stats person, known to chase a find at anytime of day or night anywhere across the state.

Hope to catch up with you at an event or at a cache!

Parkacruz- Treasurer


Parkacruz is a husband and wife team who now consists of myself Lisa & Brad Parker. We can often be found geocaching with geo-pup Jasper and our geo-children and geo-grandchildren (formerly part of parkacruz) whom now have their own team names. We were first introduced to geocaching in 2010 by TeamBastholm but we never joined the game until 2015 whilst on holidays with the family in Shark Bay, our very first cache we found was in the Francois Peron National Park, not only was this a memorable moment but we were rewarded with the most majestic views, from then.... we had the bug!!

We love the great outdoors, we have traveled many untraveled roads and have visited some absolutely amazing and breathtaking locations, in Australia and Overseas, the opportunities are endless!!  We have met some wonderful people and made many valued friendships through the game, we have set ourselves personal geocaching goals, the beauty of the game you can play it at your own pace and we encourage you to do just that and enjoy your geocache hunting. 

WebblyWA- Vice President

Webbly WA is just me- Michelle, but most people call me Webby in and out of caching. However I am usually accompanied by my 2 smallest dogs Bobble and Zotti. I first joined in 2010 when I was introduced to it as a Bush Rangers Cadet instructor. My first find was GCHZQJ -Forrestdale-trail by Team Red Roo, which is still in existence. In those first 2 years I only had 5 finds mainly due to the fact I didn’t own a GPS and had to borrow one to go caching. By 2013, I had all but given up when M4YB told me all about this geocaching thing –With her interest and new technology my passion was rekindled especially after signing up as a premium member in 2014 and purchasing the app for my phone.

Being a shy person and not knowing any other cachers my first event wasn’t till last year at a West Oz Meet and Greet (Point Walter) and after meeting some great people things spiraled from there.

Since then I have enjoyed a streak of 250 days caching but not huge numbers due to working fulltime. My record is 102 caches in the one day when I completed the Holden series at Easter time this year. My favourite part of caching is discovering new and interesting locations; I also love a good puzzle. I can also be heard saying I hate nanos! They are just too fiddly for my likings but I’m getting better.

Last years WA Goes Big was my first as I couldn’t get down to Bussleton the year before. It was amazing and I’m all for helping to make it bigger and better this year. ​

Chwiliwr - Committee


John (Chwiliwr)

John has been caching since 2005. John was introduced to caching by a family member, BelKen, and the very first cache found was a Geocaching Australia Cache called 'Blair Witch' located out in a small pocket of pines in the middle of the wandoo forest east of Perth.

John has cached everywhere in Australia except for Tasmania and due mainly to work commitments only found about 1,000 caches in the first five years to 2010 but become more 'obsessed' after that and found 9,000 in the second 5 years to date.

John has now been to 4 Mega events on the east coast.

John was asked in April 2013 by 'theUmp' to become a volunteer reviewer and now is a volunteer reviewer for Western Australia and the Northern Territory.


M4YB - Committee


Hi, I'm M4YB also go by Maddy. I started geocaching in the Spring of 2013, after seeing a feature on it on the SBS french news.   Had heard about it a few years before but only having a non-smart phone I did not want to outlay the $'s on a GPS in fear my interest may not last.

Well I was truly hooked from the start and soon I was joined by Richard aka megawat60 in our hunts and geotravels.

I just love the places that geocaching has brought me to, and the friends I have made right from the first event I attended at the Vernon Arms.  I have had memorable milestones:

1,000 caches during a group cycle ride along the Canning River

2,000 in Christchurch NZ,

3,000 at "the Rest is Silence", the HMAS Sydney Memorial in Geraldton, 4,000 in Tokyo,

5,000 at the 2 millionth Cache, Alice Springs, in company of some of the WA contingent to the 2017 Red Centre Event,

6,000 during WAGB2017, and 7,000 at Yanchep's Reef Views.


We have been lucky to travel to some amazing places and discover off-beat natural wonders thanks to geocaching, including the Red Centre of Australia and the Kimberley, and look forward to more. 


Megawat - Committee

I saw this word “Geocaching” when I was working in Laverton, back in 2010, on the brochure “The Longest Shortcut” advertising the drive form Perth to Cairns via the Great Central Road.  I did mention this to m4yb back then, but the actual journey was so far away when I retired so nothing happened then.  But she then saw some info about it and as we walked together I helped her find a few, then became a member.  That was in late 2013, the rest is history.

What I find the best about the game is you can play it how you want, and I really enjoy the travel side and looking at what sights I might find on certain hides.  It really has opened up the world to me and taken me to some truly amazing spots.

My special milestones are at 700 GC3B88 Paddington Bear in Paddington Train Station London, found on 22 May 2014, 1,00 finds was GC33H2Q Stockyard Sculpture Surprise found on October 25 2014 on a wonderful “girls” weekend in Denmark where we discovered the creativity of Mr RoyMerc! My 4,000th was at the Red Centre Event over Easter 2017 GC46N4E Overwatch #1 (the 2 Millionth geocache listed)  Yes and I got to drive over the Great Central Road with a wonderful bunch of people from all over WA, it really was a fantastic time that then lead me and m4yb up through the Centre of the NT and across the top end back home via Broome and Karijini and Exmouth.

In 2018 I joined up with m4yb and Two + Four and we drove the Gibb River Road and made it all the way to Honeymoon Bay just above Kalumburu and also to the Mitchell plateau, a most spectacular part of the world, and we are lucky to have it in our state.

I’m now living in Yanchep and enjoying placing some nice easy hides hoping to encourage some locals to get into the game and also creating a few slightly harder and interesting fun ones just for premium members.

Cirrus WA- Committee

Hi I’m CJ, or Christian to my folks. 


In the caching world I’m known as Cirrus_WA, although until recently you might have met me as CJ_252.


I stumbled across the world of caching quite by accident, finding my first cache while on an unrelated treasure hunt. It took me some time to follow-up that first find and actually log it but as soon as I did and discovered that there were so many caches close to home I was hooked.


I’m occasionally joined by my wife and sons (mainly at events) although the boys do enjoy getting out with dad for a walk every now and then.


The part of the game that I enjoy the most is being able to get out into nature and discovering an interesting place that I might have just bypassed without thought. Each year I set a goal as a personal challenge, in 2019 I’m hoping to finish up my D/T grid.




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