2018 Travel Bug Race

We will again be running a TB Race in a similar format to last year.

It was great to follow over 40 TBs as they made their way around the country and across the globe and we are hoping even more will get on board this year


How to enter and log your TB in the West Oz TB Race

We will be using an online TB Race website to register and log all TBs. All TBs must be registered on the TB-Run Website.

The direct link is http://www.tb-run.com/show-race.php?run=WAGB2018

Please remember to follow the protocol for naming. eg, if you were going to name your TB "Mini Me", then please name it "WAGB18 Mini Me"

If you have never activated a TB before, then head to the Travel Bug FAQ on geocaching.com and you'll find the answers to all your questions.

To activate your TB prior to registering, head to Trackables page on geocaching.com and look under Travel Bug

The below rules have been carried over from last year. They are not meant to make it harder, but give a guideline of what is expected.


Racing Rules:

1. The purpose of the “Race to WA Goes Big Event” is to HAVE FUN and to promote geocaching! A prize will be awarded to the owner of the TB that has travelled the furthest within the timeframe below. The winning TB must be physically present at the West Oz Goes Big Event no later than 5pm 13th October 2018.

2. The race begins 1.00am 15th April  2018 and ends at 5pm 13th October 2018.

3. Participants must place their TB into ANY geocache or ANY Event in Australia on, or after,  15th April  2018

4. Owners may enter up to, but no more than 3 TBs per caching team.

5. The TB is the property of the owner. The owner takes responsibility for securely attaching the TB tag to the traveller.

6. When activating your TB, please enter the initials WAGB18 (for West Oz Goes Big 2018) before the TB’s name. This allows TBs to be alphabetized in the watch list. (Example: If your TB’s name is “Mini Me” then enter it as “WAGB18 Mini Me”)

7. Dipping (or visiting) is permitted.

8. Owners are NOT to contact others in order to influence or promote the movement of their racer(s).

9. Owners are NOT permitted to move their own racer(s). However; the owner may collect their TB and bring it to WA Goes Big Event but the km’s from where the TB was collected do not count.

10. Owners are encouraged to place competitors’ TBs on their “watch list.”

11. In the event that a TB ends up missing, the owner must make an attempt to contact the cache owner and verify the TB’s status. If the TB is truly missing, you may re-enter the race using your copy tag. You are allowed to release a copy tag only once during the course of the event. The total km’s travelled by the original TB will count; however, the distance between the last cache visited by the original and the first cache visited by the copy will not.

12.The Long Jump Rule - If any TB leaves Australian shores, it may not return with the same caching team it left with.

13. In the event of any disputes, the West Oz Geocaching Committee decision will be final.

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