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Introducing members of West Oz Geocaching 2021/2022 Committee

Cravo10, I C Nothing, Lachlan1.77, Meme28, Chwiliwr, Geotrakka, SirFancy, Pilot Jen, Team BarrittsNeva2old

Cravo10 - President


Hi there I’m John or Cravo10.

No real storey behind my caching name outside of a nickname from high school.

My sister got me into caching however lived over east and as it’s always more fun with someone I convinced a mate to join in and he has since never looked back and is just as addicted as me. 

What I love most is the places you see, The ones that are generally not on the tourist map and or down the marked/sign posted roads. 

The real adventure of getting the locals top tips of where to visit in the many towns across this great state keeps me looking for more.  

I have also enjoyed travelling through some overseas destinations with no real plans other than to go to the places Geocaching takes me. 

Happy hunting and I’m sure I will meet you at a Geocache soon. 


I C Nothing - Vice President

Hi I am Naomi part of the geocaching team of I C Nothing which is also made up of my husband the half geocacher / half ever suffering muggle Glenn and geo kids Darcy and Rose.

We started in geocaching in 2009 after reading an article in the Western Australian and we thought we would try it before recommending it to a family member. After finding our first cache I was hooked and we started our geocaching adventure.

We love where geocaching takes us and love hitting the road or tracks to explore our great state.

We are keen four wheel drivers to which geocaching adds to the adventure . It has also helped entertain the geokids on our travels but has also allowed us to spend quality time together in an activity we all enjoy. Most often you will see me out grabbing caches with Meme28, Cirrus_Wa, Kapelula and Sir Fancy better known as Team MICKS having a few laughs, caching and having some down time.  We are looking forward to 2023 WAGB event and I am happy to be part of the team to organise this great event.

Until then enjoy the adventure that geocaching brings and hopefully we will meet somewhere along our geocaching journeys.


 Lachlan 1.77 - Treasurer

G'day I'm Lachy. 

I began caching in 2011 when I was 12 years old.  Back then I cycled to all caches and took my bike on the train to caches right across Perth.  I was also well known for my proliferation of hides, which were described by one cacher as "always a bison in the tree closest to the playground." Whoops!

Like a number of well known WA cachers at the time, I became incredibly involved in another geolocation game, hosting events and becoming one of the largest hiders in the game.  I still found the odd geocache whilst overseas of traveling, but on the whole I had largely stopped gocaching.

In 2018, after being invited to a co-exist event at the world's most favourited cache in Berlin, attended by the Geocaching Vlogger, I decided to make a full return to Geocaching.

Since returning to Geocaching I have focused on placing high quality caches suitable to a range of finders, that all have an element of creativity or fun to them.


Meme28 - Secretary

Hi I'm Melinda - Meme28. I've only been caching since 2018 after visiting my sister in Victoria. I love exploring new places and geocaching has been a great incentive to head down the roads less travelled and visit locations that I may not have previously considered. It's a great way to plan a trip.

Along the way I have learnt a few things about myself... I don't like spiders or bugs and so I prefer cities to the bush. So, I hear you ask… why do you geocache then? Well, I'll answer the question with a question. What is more rewarding than meeting people, laughing at their shenanigans and finding out what is hidden in plain sight?

ICNothing chose my photo and it does sum me up... clumsy and up for a laugh even when it's at my expense.

Chwiliwr - Committee

Hi, I'm John (Chwiliwr) and go caching with The Better Half (Sue) the majority of the time.

I have been caching since 2005. I was introduced to caching by a family member, BelKen when he convinced me to stop on the way to a Rogaine to find a Geocaching Australia Cache called 'Blair Witch' located out in a small pocket of pines in the middle of the Wandoo Forest east of Perth.

I have cached everywhere in Australia except for Tasmania and currently have around 13,000 cache finds of which 2000+ were First to Find.  The most memorable of these was a 5/5 puzzle cache in Canberra that I solved not that long after it was published but had to wait just over 2 years to actually make the first to find.

I have now been to 5 Mega events on the east coast and have recently, 2020, just completed my D/T grid.


Geotrakka - Committee

Hi I'm Julie AKA Geotrakka. I began my adventure with Geocaching in 2019. I started as a solo cacher knowing nothing about the game including the pronunciation of the word ‘cache’ which initially had me dubbed as the ‘posh’ cacher. I am definitely not that and after being corrected at my first WAGB event I no longer accentuate the ‘e’ What I love about this game is that you can choose the terrain and difficulty of what and where you go to. If you want to go to the beach, the city, a park, suburbia, climb a mountain, ride along a path, exploring national parks - there are caches hidden just about everywhere.  

Being a country girl, I enjoy getting out in the bush, on country roads searching.  Geocaching has been a great excuse to jump in my car and just drive, letting the caches direct me to where I'm going and turning it into an adventure. I have found so many wonderful places along the way. I love the camping events - sitting around a campfire making new friends, having a good laugh is healthy and good for the soul. I've met many people who I have teamed up with over the past few years, and still enjoy solo caching too.  

I look forward to seeing you out there.


SirFancy - Committee

I first heard about geocaching through my friend CJ (Cirrus_WA), he dragged me and a couple of
friends along to find some in 2016, however I didn’t start caching again in till May 2020, since then I
have been hooked.
The best part of Caching for me are the places it has taken me that I have never seen before and the
new people I get to meet.

PilotJen - Committee

Hello Perth, I’m Jen

I am from the San Francisco Bay Area of California. My family moved to Perth when my Aussie husband was repatriated back to his hometown of Perth in January 2018.

I started caching in 2008 after my sister kept asking me if I had tried it because I love the outdoors and trying new things. Back then, I started with a blackberry which had a geocaching app but, I quickly bought a GPSr because many of the areas I cached in had no cellular reception (the old days). Now I am back to using my phone to cache with my GPSr as a backup only.

I fell in love with geocaching because of the excitement of finding new places to visit in an area I had lived in for decades. It’s surprising what you find once you start your caching experience. The other fantastic aspect of being a geocacher is meeting other cachers. Going to events and team caching has always brought me new friendships and lifelong happy memories.

So, if you are here checking out what geocaching is all about you just need to download the app and start. We are here to help you and look forward to meeting you on the trail, in the city or at an event. We are super friendly and always welcome newcomers.

Now go caching!

Team Barritts - Committee

Hi, I'm Jim part of the caching team - Team Barritts, which is made up of myself and wife Donna.  Our two kids go by the name BJA3 and Donna also moonlights there as well, being the "3" part of the team.

I first heard about Geocaching back in 2015 when my brother in law got into caching but never thought more about it and to be honest thought it was a bit strange that adults would go looking for or hide plastic containers in the bush - not for me.

However, on a Sunday's afternoon walk back in July 2017, Donna had the app up as we strolled along and suddenly announced there's one of these "geocache thingy's" hidden just here (GC73V5V) and, from then on, that was that, the bug had bitten.

As with a lot of others, we love the places and areas caching takes you and you know that you would never have visited that area or spot without being in the game.

I have been very lucky with my job and have travelled all over Australia as well as overseas and always have the app running to see what caches are around and if I might be able to sneak away to make some finds.

Our next goal is to fill in our D/T grid and finish of the Jasmer Challenge which is about 85% there.

Hope to see you around caching or at the next event.

Neva2old - Committee

Hi I’m Sandy ( neva2old)  I was introduced to Geocaching in 2016 by my daughter (dkla.vk) whilst we were in Whiteman Park with her family.  The geocaching bug bit me hard and since then I’ve clocked up quite a few finds.  I normally cache by myself but I do like to join up with others on occasion. I might even prefer to cache than join my family fishing.

What I enjoy most when caching is the places that geocaching takes you that you never knew existed.

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